We Are Family




Joe Shaefer, Owner

Joe is the son of Kenneth Schaefer, and started working with his father when he was 13 years old. Joe has 45 years of experience in the flooring industry, and is joining his son Cory along with Max in carrying on his fathers business, BK Floorcrafters, now BK-The Floor Store of Nebraska. 

Cory Schaefer, Owner

Cory started out in the flooring industry in high school by working for his grandfather, Kenneth Schaefer, at BK Floorcrafters. By the age of 21, Cory began his own flooring company and brings over 19 years of experience back to BK to carry on the family business created by his grandfather. 

Max Eggert, Owner

Max has been an entrepreneur in Lincoln, NE for over seven years, and lends his expertise in construction and financial guru-ism. With a great mind for funds and investments, great organizational skills, and a passion for growth and success, he's a perfect match for BK - The Floor Store of Nebraska. Max also owns Cornhusker Outdoor, a tree service company in Valentine, NE. 


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